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Male Nudity at Gay Pride celebrations

Photos and commentary

Toronto 2004
  27 June

Street shots
Photos of the parade and booth

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Toronto 2004


Toronto 2005
26 June

Coming soon:
Street shots
Photos of the parade and booth
Me shots

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Naked on Jarvis


San Francisco 2003
29 June

Street shots
What a march!

Coming next (only 2 years late!)


Toronto 2002
30 June

Photos of Pride Week
Nude marchers arrested!
Nude dances ruled legal


Vancouver 2001
5 August

Photos of the parade

Two naked guys


Toronto 2001
24 June

Photos of the parade
Before and after the parade

Boyz and bearz on the street


San Diego 2000
22 July

Street shots

Me flashing


Toronto 2000
25 June

Photos of the parade
Nearly nude dance
Nude beach

Peter and Gary with flaggies


San Francisco 1999
27 June

Street shots:
Preparations, march, festival

Me and my sign


Toronto 1998
28 June

Photos of the parade
Nude walk through town
Nude dance and pen is parade
News media reactions

Revealing leather kilt


San Diego 1998
25 July

Why I marched naked
-- for awhile

Me almost naked


Toronto 1997
29 June

Why I marched nude
What if we offend people?
Comments from you
Photos & nude slogans
Friends' & media reactions

Nude guy joined us



Fig leaf Flashing marcher



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